Security door systems

If your demand is secure access control from or into restricted areas, the BLASI PROTECTION range will be your first choice. They fully adapt to your safety and security requirements and will also comply with specific building requirements.

All three- or four-leaf security revolving doors and curved security portals (man-trap) can be fitted with individual security executions. With BLASI unique are the options that every security door can be built with an in-ground drive system that offers an enhanced design.

Additionally “tunnel-security-systems” are available that will be preferred from airports or train-stations where large amounts of persons have to be guided out of secured areas and access from the unsecure side will be denied. There is also a wide range of low height “security barriers” available to control the flow of people in any building.

Technical information

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Drawings (PDF with integrated DWG link)

Security revolving door K31

Security revolving door K41


Security door systems